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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Internet Craft Basket

My Internet Craft Basket

I've just added a post to Sew Retro thinking I was adding to my blog! Oh dear I hope that's ok... So here's goes one on my blog.

There's a comforting sense of domestic tradition that goes with the narrative of these sewing books of old. The internet has allowed us this privilege to go back in time and experience the beginings of these sewing circles.

Sewing for Little Girls (1911)

To two neatest lttle seamstresses that ever
learned to sew.


It is an easy matter to interest a little girl in
sewing if one approach the subject in the right
The average mother pays scant attention to
her child's play with dolls, not realizing that it is
possible to turn the making of the doll's outfit
into the most practical of lessons.
While a garment for herself might at first only
weary and dishearten the little seamstress, the
miniature pieces have a peculiar appeal of their
own that will cause her to execute the most per-
fect kind of work with delight.

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