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Sunday, July 24, 2011

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind...

August is around the corner, the pink blossoms are making their entrance so Spring must be around the next corner! I like having the seasons but I've had enough by early August..

 To add to the new season, I am moving house in the first week of August. I have a clean slate in a sense and will be able to impose some modern vintage, shabby chic and and a splash of retro to the little house. There are so many bits and bobs which I have put away that I have probably forgotten about so I am looking forward to being able to display my items (some for the first time!)

True to vintage style I have some books which are keeping me company at the moment. Browsing through these books gives inspiration and lots of ideas. The beauty of vintage style is that it can be ever changing to suit the season or one's mood. The flowing interiors lend themselves to be accepting of change.
So here is my vintage list of tomes which have inspired my next chapter in lifes' journey...

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